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Cherry T Root - 60 capsules
Packed with nutritional content, ideal for athletes as Cherry T Root contains anti inflammatory agents. 60 capsules - £ 14.50

Personal Care

Troo cleanse detox support for natural detoxification and internal cleansing of the body. 60 capsules - £ 12.50
Personal Cleanse - 60 capsules
Detox slim, 59ml, detox and cleanse to help your weight loss regime. 59ml - £ 16.50
Detox Slim- 59ml
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Orthotic Insoles, with a unique custom self moulding system to match the contours of your feet.  Provided with additional padding strips and are designed to prevent or alleviate painful foot problems such as Planter Fasciitis, heel spurs, archs metalarsalgia and shin splints. Heel size 11mm or 7mm. One Pair + 2 strips - £ 19.25  
Troo Step Orthotic Insoles
Joint Ease Plus - 60 tablets
Joint Ease Plus - 60 tablets.  Joint Ease Plus is a 100% natural supplement containing herbal and dietary supplements, especially chosen for joint and cartilage health.  Regular use will help maintain mobility in the muscular skeletal system with n o side effects. 60 tablets - £ 29.95