50 or 100 strips. Stop Snoring strips are the same as “Breathe Right” but much better value and are available in two sizes, regular or large. 50 Regular Size - £ 9.99 50 Large size - £ 9.99 100 Regular Size - £ 17.50 100 Large Size - £ 17.50
Better Breath Snoring Strips
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For a quality nights sleep these anti snoring aids are easy to use and are very effective. Available in Small, Medium or Large sizes these work in the same way as Snore Wizard but at a much better price and includes full instructions. One set - £ 12.95
Stop Snoring Solution
Silicone anti snore dilators, an apnea aid device, stop snoring nose cap. One set - £ 9.95
Silicone Anti Snore Nasal Dilators
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