60 candida support capsules.  An all in one yeast balance, digestion and aid to colon health. 15 powerful ingredients which have anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory actions. 30 capsules - £ 22.50
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90 tablets - provides a powerful dose of essential minerals, high in vitamins A, B and C.  Cranberry is taken to maintain the health of Kidneys and bladder, as well as aiding circulation and heart functions. 90 Tablets - £ 11.50
Cranberry 5000Mg
Specially formulated to encourage the body’s natural elimination of stored water and waste via the kidneys, especially in women.  Supports correct and aid a healthy fluid balance and helps aid water retention, puffy fingers, eyes, knees and ankles during the monthly cycle. 90 Capsules - £ 14.50
Aqua Liberate
Superba Krill Oil - 60 capsules
Advanced abs sustainably harvested Omega 3.  Supports many health areas such as your heart, brain, joints, inflammation and women’s health. 60 tablets - £ 19.99
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